30+ Best Zoom Games and Activities Everyone Will Love

Add a welcome dose of fun and team bonding to your video calls with these Zoom games and activities. They are great for remote teams, perfect to play with coworkers, but also work for everyone!

Zoom Games and Activities

Best Zoom Games and Activities List (1-14 listed below).

Fun Zoom Games and Activities

1. Zoom Karaoke

Let out your inner Mariah Carey and host a virtual karaoke night on Zoom! You can harmonize together or take turns giving solo performances to your favorite tunes. 

2. Virtual Cocktail Night

Ship some cocktail-making supplies to each of your coworkers and get together on zoom to have a fun cocktail party. This is a great way for everyone to relax after a long week of work.

3. Zoom Murder Mystery 

A virtual murder mystery party is a really fun game to play with your team. You can lead the game and encourage people to set up breakout rooms to swap hints and clues to solve the murder.

4. Painting Party

To host a virtual paint party, you’ll need to send everyone some art supplies, including some paints, paintbrushes, and a canvas.

Get your team to bring out their inner Picasso over Zoom and show off their paintings at various stages of completion!

5. Just One

This party game involves helping your teammate guess a word using only one-word hints.

Everyone writes down their words before the guessing player sees them and if two people have suggested the same hint they get canceled out to nothing!

You can either use breakout rooms or a Google Doc to share hints before the guesser sees them.

Icebreaker Zoom Games and Activities

6. Two Truths and a Lie

Each participant will take turns giving three statements about themselves, two of which are true and one of which is a lie – you can be as outrageous as possible with your statements.

Everyone will then ask questions about the three statements while trying to decipher which is the lie. The winners can declare themselves either the best liar or the best detective.

7. Something in Common

For the first round, encourage your team members to find the most unique thing that they all have in common.

Next, they should find the best unique thing they have in common excluding work or education-related ideas.

Finally, think of some themed categories for everyone to discuss, such as ‘traveling’ or ‘things in common from high school’.

8. X or Y

Start with two popular items, such as pizza and tacos, the first person must decide which of the two to keep and which to eliminate.

After this, they can choose something to replace the thing they eliminated (kittens, beer, football, etc), and the next person repeats the process.

It will get more difficult to decide as you go around, leading to some funny conversations!

9. Would You Rather?

Think of a list of “would you rather?” questions to get your coworkers discussing ideas and have a laugh with each other. These can be as silly or ridiculous as you like; for instance “would you rather have feet for hands, or hands for feel?”.

10. Sell It

This is a quick, fun icebreaker to test your coworkers’ sales skills. Ask each person to pick up an object nearby, without explaining why.

Then give everyone a few minutes to think of a pitch and try to sell the object to the group. The most convincing or creative pitch wins! 

Team-Building Zoom Games and Activities

11. Virtual Escape Room

Perfect for your puzzle-loving colleagues! There are a number of companies that run virtual escape rooms at a low price.

You and your coworkers can all work together to solve the puzzles and “escape” the room, or if there are more people you can split up into smaller teams and race to finish.

12. Pass the Love

Give everyone some time in advance to think of a few nice comments about their coworkers and either read them out anonymously or give everyone a chance to say them to each other over Zoom.

13. Google Maps Game

Use the virtual Google Maps game, GeoGuessr, to play a high-speed game where you are “dropped” at a random Google Street View location in the world and have to explore the area and look for hints in order to guess where you are. They have a “play with friends” option to collaborate as a team!

14. Glows and Grows

Use your zoom meeting to discuss your best achievements, “glows”, and an area for improvement, “grows”. Let everyone pick something they’re proud of, whether it’s completing a big project or nailing a presentation.

Then follow up with something they’d like to improve; maybe they feel like they could’ve communicated their ideas better in a meeting. This activity is a nice way for your team to recognize their achievements and also offer support to their colleagues.

Board Games to Play on Zoom

15. Online Clue

Host a game of virtual Clue for your coworkers to decipher the murderer, weapon, and location as fast as possible.

You can use breakout rooms to allow people to secretly exchange clues. The first person to correctly figure out the details of the murder is the winner!

16. Zoom Codenames

Codenames is a card game usually played in person, but still super fun to play over zoom.

You can set up breakout rooms for two teams to discuss the hints and bring everyone back into one call to try to be the first team to guess all of their cards.

17. Virtual Guess Who?

Think of a coworker and allow everyone to take turns asking questions to narrow down the team and figure out which coworker you’re thinking of.

Questions don’t have to be limited to physical traits! You can bring in more work-related or hobby-related questions to identify them.

18. Taboo

Taboo is super easy to set up and always loads of fun! Choose a word in advance (this can be an object, place, person, etc) and think of some words commonly associated with your chosen word.

The chosen word and associated words are now “taboo”, the player must describe the chosen word to their coworkers without using any of the taboo words. For example, if the chosen word was “beach”, your taboo words would be “sand and sea”.

19. Welcome to…

‘Welcome to…’ is a popular board game that can be played over Zoom; players have to design their ideal town in 1950s America by turning over cards worth varying amounts of points.

Only one person needs to own the game, other players can download and fill in the score sheet at home. It’s possible to play this game with up to 100 people!

Trivia Games to Play on Zoom

20. Pub Quiz Night

Put together a bunch of questions in various rounds, such as general knowledge, music, geography, pop culture, and read them out to your coworkers.

The quiz can be individual, or you can split people into teams and set up break-out rooms for them to discuss each round. 

21. Get to Know Your Team Quiz

Making this quiz will require some extra effort, but it’ll be worth the time. You should include categories with questions about your coworkers, such as everyone’s favorite things (food, drink, travel destination), as it can be a fun way for your team to learn about each other.

Including picture rounds of everyone’s baby photos and having to guess what everyone looked like as a child, or pictures of players’ pets, always provides plenty of entertainment too.

22. Guess the Song

For this quiz, you’ll need to gather clips of popular songs for your coworkers to guess. You can split the music by category and have themed rounds such as ’80s music’ or ‘movie soundtracks’.

Play a few seconds from each song and give the players some time to write down their guesses.

23. Trivia by the Decade

Write a list of trivia questions split into categories by the decade. This will test your coworkers’ history knowledge and their current events knowledge too.

Add a variety of questions to each round to keep things interesting – sports, music, movies, politics, and whatever else comes to mind.

24. Knockout Trivia

This is a simple trivia game with a twist, anyone who gets an answer wrong is knocked out of the game.

The winner is the person who makes it to the end without getting an answer wrong. It’s better to start with easy questions that get gradually more tricky!

Zoom Games for Large Groups

25. Zoom Bingo

Give everyone a bingo sheet, either by email or mail, and play the classic game from the comfort of your own home. Make sure to have a few prizes ready for the winners!

26. Virtual Charades

Split the group into smaller teams and have them take turns guessing each other’s charades. You can have a pre-set list of words randomly generated for players, or let people come up with their own ideas.

27. Zoom Aerobics

A great way to get everyone up out of their desk chairs and have some fun! You can either play a work-from-home exercise video or hire a personal trainer to host a class over zoom.

This could also work perfectly for a Zoom dance class.

28. Truth or Dare

For this game, you’ll need to think of some good truths or dares in advance. Read one out and players can decide whether they will do it or not, if not they must turn off their cameras and they are “out”.

The winner is the last player with their camera on.

Zoom Games and Activities for Small Groups

29. Online Cook-Along

Organize shipping ingredients to your coworkers’ homes and log on to zoom to host a virtual cooking class.

Why not make pizzas together, or maybe bake some cookies? Don’t forget to get everyone to show off their masterpieces before they eat them.

30. Activity Box

Send each coworker an activity box with some mini-games and activities you can all do together over Zoom, don’t forget to include some snacks for good measure!

You can organize the contents of the box internally or pay for a service that makes the boxes for you. 

31. Wine Tasting

There are companies you can use to set up a Zoom wine tasting for you and your team, they’ll mail a selection of wines to each employee’s home and you can all log on and try them together.

Some services will also include a virtual sommelier to talk you through each of the wines and give you some extra info about them.

32. Jackbox Games

Jackbox offers a huge range of virtual party games that are really funny and easy to get the hang of. You’ll need one subscription to Jackbox and everyone else can play along from home.

Free Zoom Games and Activities

33. Lightening Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items that your coworkers will be able to find around their house, such as “a kitchen gadget” or “something from your childhood”, and give them a set amount of time to find them.

Allow people to show and explain their items, the person with the most items in the fastest time wins. 

34. Zoom Pictionary 

It’s so easy to bring this classic game over to zoom. Just share the zoom whiteboard app and either let your coworkers decide on what to draw or use a Pictionary generator to choose for you.

The drawing team has 1 minute to guess what the word is before the other team is able to guess.  

35. Hidden Talents Show

Give your coworkers a chance to show off their hidden talents or skills in the spotlight!

Allow people to sign up in advance so they can plan their act, give them a set amount of time to perform, and let everyone tune in to support each other.

36. Guess the Emoji

Write out the name of a popular movie, TV show, or song using only emojis and let your coworkers race to get the answer right.

37. Five Things

Each player has 15 seconds to name 5 things within a given category, such as Disney Villains.

Once one player has listed 5 things, they can select the next player and topic. If you run out of time or can’t think of 5 things, you’re out of the game!

Break up the fatigue of video calls within the team and give everyone the opportunity to try something different by mixing things up with these fun games and activities.

While Zoom is a powerful tool for team communication, its ability to bring everyone together and interact on a creative and personal level should not be overlooked.

These Zoom games and activities are not only a great way for your team to try something fun, but also give them the opportunity to connect and bond with each other outside of a solely work-based environment.

Keep these Zoom games and activities on-hand for future calls and team activities by saving this article to one of your Pinterest boards.

Best Zoom Games and Activities List (1-14 listed above).

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